31 July 2017

I'm Really Alive...

...I promise!

I haven't forgotten about Captivated Reading. I'm still here. However, to say that there have been a lot of things going on, would be an understatement. The most pressing being that I'm moving.
We're actually buying our first house!

But it's not going to be done being built until September so until then my large family of seven will be bouncing a bit between rentals in our area until we can move into our home.
The sad part is that I'm leaving the only hometown that I've known in my entire thirty-four years of life.

I plan on coming back to Captivated Reading and resuming my reviews. I am, however, going to be making some changes and revamping things a bit, but...more on that later.

I hope everyone reading this is having a great summer!

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