25 January 2017

Living in the Shallows: Blog Tour & Giveaway

Title: Living in the Shallows
Author: Tani Hanes
Publication Date: Oct. 28, 2016
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Other Books in Series: Diving Deep
Aileen Foster is half Japanese, rocky smart, brilliant at the piano, and really, really poor. She also likes to keep herself to herself; “an arm’s length sort of girl, with a very long arm”, as someone describes her in Living in the Shallows. Through her professor, she gets an amazing job for the summer in Japan as an interpreter for popular boyband UK Crush, who are making a movie. 
When she meets the boys, she’s shocked by their openness, kindness, and frank physicality. She’s never met anyone like these guys before, who live so raucously, emotionally, and they awaken feelings she’s never had, particularly Theo, the acknowledged flirt and womanizer of the band. She travels with them as they film the movie, falling more and more under the spell of these amazing boys, who themselves are charmed by the presence in their midst of an intelligent, articulate female who isn’t a crazy fan; who hadn’t really even known who they were before this job:
Gethin, the ginger Welshman, who keeps his feelings to himself, but won’t hesitate to throw a punch if he thinks someone he cares about is being hurt;
Matthew, the gentle Scot, who is so beautiful that it almost hurts to look at him sometimes;
Ronan, the fun loving Irishman who loves to laugh;
Theo, the emotional English boy who loves with his whole heart, but seems to bounce from one beautiful woman to the next.
Eventually, Tink, as she’s known to the boys, realizes that she has to make some decisions about life and living that she never thought she’d have to make. Classical piano has been her whole life, and she is woefully unprepared to deal with the river of emotions released by being with these boys, Theo specifically. How can she give her heart to someone, anyone, when she never ever, thought she’d have to, let alone want to?

My name is Tani Hanes, and I am a 51 year old substitute teacher. I'm from central California and am a recent transplant to New York City. The most important things to know about me are that I'm punctual, I love grammar and sushi, and I'm very intolerant of intolerance. The least important things to know about me are that I like to knit and I couldn't spell "acoustic" for 40 years. I've wanted to write since I was ten, and I finally did it. If you want to write, don't wait as long as I did, it's pointless, and very frustrating!

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Character MLT (Most Likely To)...

MLT be the first to have kids: Matty. He’s so loving and kind, not into the glamorous life at all. He’d drop all that stuff in a red hot minute to be the best father in the world.

MLT listen to classical music? Again, I have to go with Matthew. He’s the most introspective, and has a background and family in classical things in general.

MLT suddenly become poor? Probably Ronan lol! I could see him just donating all his money to some charity and not caring. I think he enjoys his money, and taking care of his family, but he could definitely get along without it. All of the boys could, I think. 

MLT watch romantic movies? Ronan all over. He’d spend all day sitting with Tink watching RomComs if he could.

MLT be a drama queen? Teddy, unfortunately! He overthinks everything, and tends to act first and think about the consequences later. He’s very emotional about everything, including himself.

MLT die of something stupid? Ronan, our hapless Irishman lol. The boy just doesn’t think, sometimes. 

MLT get in a fist fight? That would be Gethin, the hotheaded ginger from Wales. He’s more of a physical person, involved in the viscera of life. He’s probably given and received a few punches in his life.

MLT become a high school teacher? I think Tinker Bell on this one. She’s the most rooted in real life, and would have the most desire to reach out to young people.

MLT talk to animals? Ronan. I actually have a scene in a later book where Tink comes across him talking to her dogs, and it makes her cry.

MLT skydive? Gethin would definitely be up for this.

MLT forget something really important? Probably Teddy. He’s kind of all over the place, not very organized.

MLT be hungry 24/7? This is Tinker Bell for sure. She’s always loved food, and would never deny herself something delicious over weight issues or anything.

MLT to say something stupid? Ronan does this, all the time. As Teddy says at some point, his mouth should be a national monument, it’s so huge!

"No, don't do that, little one, not yet." "I fell, right?" I asked. "Teddy came in, he was drunk, he said—he said some things, you got mad at him—" I looked upat Gethin, "Matty hit him, then I ran over tothem and tripped and hit myheadon the edgeof the table." "What?" Matty exploded. "Tinker Bell, Theo hit you! He was aiming for me, I mean, I assume he was aiming for me—" this with another glare at Teddy, "but he took a swing ashe was going down andhe hit you in the face, bloodied your fucking nose!" "Dammit, Matthew, of course I was aiming for you!" Teddy shouted. "Why would I want to hit her? You'd just clocked mein the face! She just gotin between usat the wrong moment, and I was going down at the time, that's why I swung so low! Don't you think I'd cut my own arm off before I'd hit her?""Actually, I think he hit mein the jaw," I said, again reaching for my face. "Could you take a look?" Geth leaned in, turning myhead gently so he could see. "Jesus Christ, she has a cut, just under her ear, along her jawline, a pretty deep one, too," he said, horrified. "Guess we didn't notice it with all the blood from her nose, but this looks awful." He turned and looked at Teddy, and his silence was worse than any words he could have spoken. "What's wrong with you?" asked Ronan tearfully to Teddy. "

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  2. I've not heard of this book or author! I do love the book's cover - definitely getting a Geisha vibe. :D It sounds like the cast of characters is extremely different and unique, given the MLT responses. Great post, ladies!

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