18 November 2016

Creed: Book Blitz & Giveaway

Title: Creed (Blood Riders MC, #3)
Author: Tia Lewis
Publication Date: Nov. 14, 2016
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She puts me through hell… but there’s nowhere else I’d rather be.

I thought Tamara and I had something special. I know we did. But then she up and left me. Didn’t leave a note. Nothing.

One day I’m gripping onto her lush curves and hearing my name spill from those pouty lips of hers. And then she’s gone.

The hell of it is, I don’t care. Other women aren’t an option. I want her. I need her. She’s still mine, and I’m claiming her no matter what.

I’ll drag her ass back here kicking and screaming. When I’m done with her, she’ll know who she belongs to.

My only rule: Never hook up with an MC rider.

I’ve been around the Blood Riders MC my whole life. My father was a member. After the heartache he handed my mother, I promised myself I deserved better.

Then came Creed. With his broad shoulders and rippling muscles, he won me over before I even knew what was happening. The things he makes me feel almost make me believe in forever. But I can’t.

And now I’m f*cked.

I knew better to put myself in this position, but I caved to his touch, and now I’m carrying his baby. I won’t let this child lead the sh*t life I had.

I have to protect our child. Creed can never know; even if it tears my heart in two.

Creed is book three of the Blood Riders MC series with no cheating and a guaranteed happy ending. This book is a full-length motorcycle romance novel that’s intended for mature audiences only. Reader discretion is advised.


Tia Lewis is a romance author from the Midwest who writes about smart, sexy, sassy women and hot, possessive alpha males. Her favorite bad boys to write about include sports players, mafia, bikers, billionaires and the bad-ass next door. You can find her cooking, reading, or traveling when she’s not busy working on her next release.

Want to be kept up to date on new releases? Text LEWIS to 31996!

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17 November 2016

Decisive Moments: Book Blitz & Giveaway

Title: Decisive Moments (In Time #2)
Author: Trinity Hanrahan
Publication Date: Sept. 6, 2016
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Other Books in Series: Pivotal Moments (In Time Series #1)

High School is over. Aislinn Munroe is ready to face the challenge of college and her new relationship…

Aislinn has overcome her high school insecurities and embraced her relationship with reformed bad boy, Teagan Aldridge. Her life as a college student at the University of Florida is filled with new experiences and people, including the shining football star, Ryan Caldwell. Aislinn isn’t interested in Ryan’s attention or charm. She only wants to figure out what’s next for her and Teagan.

Aislinn wants to take the next step in their relationship, but Teagan isn’t ready…

Old insecurities sneak back in as Aislinn worries that their physical relationship has stalled. Teagan convinces Aislinn he just wants to wait for the right time, but his sweet gesture falls short when his ex-girlfriend Lauren shows up. Teagan’s past has finally caught up with him, and now they all have to face it.

Every choice has a consequence, and Aislinn must make a decision…

Teagan tries to take responsibility for his past, but Lauren only wants to monopolize his time and push Aislinn out of the picture. Aislinn has to choose. Trust Teagan and stand by her boyfriend, or let Lauren succeed in ripping them apart? College wasn’t supposed to be this hard.

Some decisions have far-reaching effects, and this one could cost Aislinn her heart. It’s time to make up her mind and face her…

Decisive Moments.

Trinity lives with her husband and four children in Virginia. She grew up overseas in Turkey and Japan, where her love of reading developed due to a lack of English-speaking television. As her need for written works grew, so did her desire to create worlds for others to enjoy. By the time she was in middle school she had started writing short stories. She endeavors to break the mold where modern stereo-types are concerned and create engaging characters.

When she’s not writing or working, Trinity still enjoys settling down to read a book or doing graphic art in her spare time.

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I found the class, and it was one of the standard college auditoriums I was getting used to. Unprepared for the sight of so many students, I missed a step and stumbled forward, almost falling down the stairs face first. If it hadn’t been for the strong arm wrapped around my waist, I’d have been an embarrassed, injured mess at the feet of the professor.
As it was, I was an embarrassed, rattled mess with a strange male arm wrapped around me. I stiffened when it became apparent said arm wasn’t moving. Only one person got to do this, and he wasn’t in this class. I tapped the arm to get the owner’s attention. “Excuse me? Do you mind?”
“Nah, sugar,” a deep masculine drawl said from behind my right shoulder. “I don’t mind at all.”
If possible, I stiffened more when the guy tightened his hold on me and tried to pull me closer.
“Why?” he asked low in my ear. “Do you?”
I tried to wiggle a hand under his arm to work out from under it. “Yes, I do mind! Let me go.” I kept my voice down, just barely. I had enough going on without embarrassing myself over a misunderstanding.
He chuckled but didn’t let go. Okay, so he totally knew what he was doing. I started to get worked up, and just when I was on the verge of causing bodily harm, either to myself or him, the professor spoke up.
“Mr. Caldwell, do we have a problem here?” the professor asked from down at the podium, his voice thick with a Russian accent. I looked at the man speaking and saw he was glaring over my shoulder. I glanced back and then looked again. I thought I managed to hide the double take.
Mr. Caldwell was hot.

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16 November 2016

Weariland: Book Blitz & Giveaway

Title: Weariland
Author: Mary Shotwell
Publication Date: May 10, 2016
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For fifteen-year-old Lason Davies, it all started with a text. 


The last words of her murdered grandmother haunt Lason as she travels to England with her sheltering mother for the funeral. The crime is a sensation, but the clamoring reporters and news photographers aren’t the only ones interested in their arrival. 

As her mother’s behavior borders on erratic (on a good day), Lason encounters a stranger from Weariland, a dreary world once known as Wonderland. He petitions Lason’s help in finding a secret family heirloom, a key to saving his land—and to Lason’s past. Lason is swept in an adventure through Weariland’s unpredictable realm, encountering colorful, fantastical characters and discovering her family’s elusive history. But if she isn’t careful, she may never return… 

Mary grew up in northeast Ohio, so it was only natural for her to pursue a degree in marine biology. After studying dolphin behavior and estimating great white shark populations, she earned her Ph.D. in Biostatistics in Charleston, South Carolina. It was there, during the arduous dissertation process, where she had the idea to write a book. 

With Alice and the crazy characters from Wonderland staring her down from her bedroom poster, Mary envisioned what that fantasy realm would look like in current day. Creative writing served as a natural escape from technical writing, wedding planning, pregnancy, and job hunting. 

Mary is excited to debut Weariland (Merge Publishing, 2016), a novel introducing Lason Davies, a teenager who learns about her family's past in a world once called Wonderland. She currently resides in Tennessee with her husband and three children.

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15 November 2016

The Starlit Wood: Nerd Blast & Giveaway

Title: The Starlit Wood New Fairy Tales
Authors: Dominik Parisien & Navah Wolfe
Publication Date: Oct. 18, 2016
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An all-new anthology of cross-genre fairy tale retellings, featuring an all-star lineup of award-winning and critically acclaimed writers.

Once upon a time. It’s how so many of our most beloved stories start.

Fairy tales have dominated our cultural imagination for centuries. From the Brothers Grimm to the Countess d’Aulnoy, from Charles Perrault to Hans Christian Anderson, storytellers have crafted all sorts of tales that have always found a place in our hearts.

Now a new generation of storytellers have taken up the mantle that the masters created and shaped their stories into something startling and electrifying.

Packed with award-winning authors, this anthology explores an array of fairy tales in startling and innovative ways, in genres and settings both traditional and unusual, including science fiction, western, and post-apocalyptic as well as traditional fantasy and contemporary horror.

From the woods to the stars, The Starlit Wood: New Fairy Tales takes readers on a journey at once unexpected and familiar, as a diverse group of writers explore some of our most beloved tales in new ways across genres and styles.

Dominik Parisien is an editor, poet, and writer. He has worked on several anthologies with Ann and Jeff VanderMeer, including The Time Traveler’s Almanac (Tor), Sisters of the Revolution (PM Press), and The Bestiary(Centipede Press). He is the editor for Clockwork Canada, an anthology of Canadian steampunk for Exile Editions. Dominik is also the poetry editor for Postscripts to Darkness, and was an editorial assistant for Weird Tales. His fiction and poetry have appeared in Strange Horizons, Uncanny Magazine, Shock Totem, Imaginarium 2013: The Best Canadian Speculative Writing, and other venues.

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Navah Wolfe is an editor at Saga Press. She was previously an editor at Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, where she worked on many bestselling books, including some that have won awards such as the Printz Honor, The Pura Belpré Award, The Pen/Faulkner Award, The Stonewall Award, the Lambda Literary Award, and the Schneider Family Award.

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14 November 2016

The Keep: Blog Tour & Giveaway

Title: The Keep (Converters #2)
Author: Tenille Berezay
Publication Date: Nov. 12, 2016
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Other Books in this Series: The Convergence (Converters #1)

After a pardon from the convergence, Desiree returns to the protection of home. But safety isanillusion and her family is shattered by the violent retribution of a desperate enemy. On the run again, Desiree struggles to keep those she loves from a host of gathering threats—debilitating doubts,manipulative converters, dark technology, and a murdering madman. To save them all, Desiree will need more than her ability to convert, she’ll need to redefine her strength. THE KEEP is the dramatic sequel to THE CONVERGENCE; a continuation of Desiree and Blake’s story.

After living throughout the western U.S., Tenille now claims rural Northern Nevada as her home. If she's not being consumed by a book--whether her own or another author's--she'd like tobefound horseback riding, backpacking with her high-school sweetheart/husband, or photographing their three beautiful children. Tenille loves to read any genre (as long as there's great dialogue with a touch of snark). She believes in authentic characters, romantic sub-plots, and realistic, happy endings.

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I always thought I’d face death with more feeling. That maybe I’d go out in a blaze of fury. Or I would be relieved. Instead, I’m left waiting for it with an uncertainty of feeling that leaves me thinking I’ve already passed. That my soul is empty and just waiting for my body to catch up. The absence of emotion would frighten me if I could feel. Without emotion what do I have to fight with?
I sink back into the cold rock. A light, summer rain falls around me, the damp seeping into me. I drift in my considerations as the night lengthens. The darkness outside matching the blankness inside, I’m left with nothing but time.

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