03 December 2016

Winter Thrillz: Book Blitz & Giveaway

Title: Winter Thrillz Vol. 1
Author: T.L. Katt
Publication Date: Dec. 2, 2016
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Two short paranormal romances: Tigress and Talons. Explore debut author T.L. Katt’s world of paranormal romance.

Jestin, in need of a vacation, takes a break to the mountains where strange events send him exploring the woods. What he finds changes his life forever.

It’s an ordinary day when Meg gets scooped up by a creature. She awakes in her own bed believing it was only a dream, until she finds puncture marks under her arms. In fear that she’s been injected with a virus, she flees to solve the mystery — finding much more.

This book is meant for mature audiences 18 and above.

T.L. Katt lives in the south eastern U.S. with her two fur-children Crescent and Gibbous. She dabbles in graphic design, creating all her own covers, and writes stories that are more truth than fiction. Her favorite genres and writing preferences are paranormal and fantasy.

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Three hours later, he finished dinner, took a bite off a piece of cornbread that went with the chili he’d made and stared blankly into the snow. The white flash of the animal he'd seen earlier high on his thought list. There wasn't one white animal he could think of that lived in the woods, unless it was a wolf. It had to be a wolf, which meant there were more. Wolves weren't singular animals but plural, they moved in packs.
A shotgun leaned against the log wall beside the door. He had protection if it was a wolf. He didn't hunt, but could fire a bullet straight into the heart or head of anything. His dad had taught him since he was a boy, hoping to make him a hunter. Jestin didn't have the heart. He was a softie who loved life. Again, the case with Trevor Bolling haunted him.
Drawing open the curtain in his room so the sun would shine bright in the morning and wake him early, he lay in bed, fighting his thoughts about work, and went to sleep.
His sleep burdened with his own guilt, he tossed and turned, finally waking. The light of the crescent moon filtering through the window, casting a glow. Fluffing the pillow beneath his head, he turned toward the open window, two violet eyes stared back at him.

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