17 November 2016

Decisive Moments: Book Blitz & Giveaway

Title: Decisive Moments (In Time #2)
Author: Trinity Hanrahan
Publication Date: Sept. 6, 2016
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Other Books in Series: Pivotal Moments (In Time Series #1)

High School is over. Aislinn Munroe is ready to face the challenge of college and her new relationship…

Aislinn has overcome her high school insecurities and embraced her relationship with reformed bad boy, Teagan Aldridge. Her life as a college student at the University of Florida is filled with new experiences and people, including the shining football star, Ryan Caldwell. Aislinn isn’t interested in Ryan’s attention or charm. She only wants to figure out what’s next for her and Teagan.

Aislinn wants to take the next step in their relationship, but Teagan isn’t ready…

Old insecurities sneak back in as Aislinn worries that their physical relationship has stalled. Teagan convinces Aislinn he just wants to wait for the right time, but his sweet gesture falls short when his ex-girlfriend Lauren shows up. Teagan’s past has finally caught up with him, and now they all have to face it.

Every choice has a consequence, and Aislinn must make a decision…

Teagan tries to take responsibility for his past, but Lauren only wants to monopolize his time and push Aislinn out of the picture. Aislinn has to choose. Trust Teagan and stand by her boyfriend, or let Lauren succeed in ripping them apart? College wasn’t supposed to be this hard.

Some decisions have far-reaching effects, and this one could cost Aislinn her heart. It’s time to make up her mind and face her…

Decisive Moments.

Trinity lives with her husband and four children in Virginia. She grew up overseas in Turkey and Japan, where her love of reading developed due to a lack of English-speaking television. As her need for written works grew, so did her desire to create worlds for others to enjoy. By the time she was in middle school she had started writing short stories. She endeavors to break the mold where modern stereo-types are concerned and create engaging characters.

When she’s not writing or working, Trinity still enjoys settling down to read a book or doing graphic art in her spare time.

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I found the class, and it was one of the standard college auditoriums I was getting used to. Unprepared for the sight of so many students, I missed a step and stumbled forward, almost falling down the stairs face first. If it hadn’t been for the strong arm wrapped around my waist, I’d have been an embarrassed, injured mess at the feet of the professor.
As it was, I was an embarrassed, rattled mess with a strange male arm wrapped around me. I stiffened when it became apparent said arm wasn’t moving. Only one person got to do this, and he wasn’t in this class. I tapped the arm to get the owner’s attention. “Excuse me? Do you mind?”
“Nah, sugar,” a deep masculine drawl said from behind my right shoulder. “I don’t mind at all.”
If possible, I stiffened more when the guy tightened his hold on me and tried to pull me closer.
“Why?” he asked low in my ear. “Do you?”
I tried to wiggle a hand under his arm to work out from under it. “Yes, I do mind! Let me go.” I kept my voice down, just barely. I had enough going on without embarrassing myself over a misunderstanding.
He chuckled but didn’t let go. Okay, so he totally knew what he was doing. I started to get worked up, and just when I was on the verge of causing bodily harm, either to myself or him, the professor spoke up.
“Mr. Caldwell, do we have a problem here?” the professor asked from down at the podium, his voice thick with a Russian accent. I looked at the man speaking and saw he was glaring over my shoulder. I glanced back and then looked again. I thought I managed to hide the double take.
Mr. Caldwell was hot.

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