18 July 2014

Book Tour (Review): Uncle John's Bathroom Reader For Kids Only!

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader For Kids Only!
Editor: Gordon Javna
Acquired: From author/publisher, in exchange for an honest review.
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Here is an exciting chance to own the very first Uncle John's Bathroom Reader For Kids Only! in a hardcover edition with all new illustrations!

When our younger readers demanded a Bathroom Reader of their own, Uncle John put together this brain-boggling easy-to-read collection of facts, fads, quotes, history, science, origins, pop culture, mythology, humor, and more! Plus it's full of wacky and fun illustrations and Uncle John's famous "running feet" — those fun and fascinating facts on the bottom of every page.

Curious young readers will learn about the real Dr. Seuss, baseball superstitions, the birth of The Simpsons, how carnival games are rigged, the history of dining on scorpions and tarantulas, shocking truths about thunder and lightning, and disgusting bodily functions like ear wax production and digestion (and why they're important), and much, much more..

~My Review~

I normally don't review nonfiction books, but Uncle John's Bathroom Reader for Kids Only! just looked too good to pass up! I instantly thought about how much my seven-year-old would LOVE something like this!

I barely had time to take the book out of the package before my son decided this was something that he just HAD to look at! Immediately the fantastic cover drew him in!
And then the reading began...

We both poured over this book over the next couple of days and would find ourselves laughing at some of the silliest things! I'm such a fan! Any book that can hold a seven-year-old's and thirty-something-year-old's interest simultaneously, is nothing short of brilliant!

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader is interspersed with trivia that enlightens and humorous anecdotes and information that even an adult will find entertaining! Whether you have a child in your life that you feel would enjoy to learn how many times a day one belches, or you would like a few quotations from Abraham Lincoln, this is your source!

A funny, delightful read, Uncle John's Bathroom Reader is one that I won't soon forget!

~My Rating~

~From the Editor~
How did you decide what trivia is age-appropriate for "Uncle John's Bathroom Reader"? Was some of it knowledge you already had? How much research--if any--was involved?

We started by picking topics that would have interested us as kids. Then we filtered it through a special “what would have shocked us or embarrassed us or caused our parents or teachers to take the book away from us” filter and included as much of that as we could get away with. Then we hired an editor with 15 years of experience working on children’s books and magazines, including Highlights for Children, to craft and assemble the articles and art. And a number of our writers are teachers, who have finely-attuned radar when it comes to knowing what’s appropriate for kids. Finally, we made sure we included the one thing kids asked for most often in letters to Uncle John—more stuff about farts.

~About the Editor~

The life of Gordon “Uncle John” Javna, editor-in-chief and publisher of the Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader series, reads like one of his books. There’s a lot of fun, intriguing—often odd—information lurking around every corner. He went to art school, and then went on to become a musician, real-estate developer, writer, restaurateur, president of a pre-school, brew pub owner, and editor—not all at once, mind you, but he has been all of these things.

Eventually, though, he realized that because of his love of fascinating facts (and being a bathroom reader himself), he was naturally suited, perhaps even destined, to bring the joy of trivia to the world in a fun, informative way. He assumed the pseudonym Uncle John for the Bathroom Reader series and since then, Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader has become the longest-running, most popular series of its kind in the publishing industry. To date, there are more than 15 million Uncle John’s Bathroom Readers in print and his fanatical flock of followers span from Australia to the United Kingdom and beyond.

Guided by their obsession with unusual trivia, amazing origins, and forgotten history, Gordon “Uncle John” Javna and his staff at the Bathroom Readers' Institute have made Uncle John’s Bathroom Readers a must-have for book and gift stores worldwide for over two decades. Gordon continues to expand his porcelain province from his throne room in Ashland, Oregon.

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