12 June 2014

Book Spotlight: Time Calling by Martin Clark

Time Calling
Author: Martin Clark
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A junior intelligence agent in the British government is assigned to provide security for four young Asian women in the remote countryside while they attempt a unique and strange task – developing a language from pure numbers. None can imagine the world-changing consequences of their work, the danger it will place them in, and the critical decisions about loyalty and love it will force them to make…

Time Calling is "hard" science fiction. Using the latest science, it explores the human language-creation phenomenon and how it must some day face the ultimate communication challenge. True "cognitive-science" fiction!

~About the Author~

Martin Clark is a mathematician who has lived around the world and writes fiction for the "left-brained" like himself. He believes that the best novels are the best of life's puzzles. If you know where the story's going, stop reading it - even on the last chapter. When reading, never suspend disbelief - it's bad training for life.

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