09 June 2014

Book Spotlight: London's Burning by Anthony O'Brien

London's Burning
Author: Anthony O'Brien
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London’s Burning is a truly English political thriller book, gritty, earthy, dirty and downright truthful.

As the nation slips into financial chaos Alice joins Theodore, a close family friend as his understudy working in a government department. She is to begin her ideological journey across London, discovering how the government through social engineering conspires to control, manipulate and drive the public towards the desired political objectives.

Alice discovers the truth behind the fight against nationalism, the hard hitting facts behind multiculturalism, the London riots, the value of state controlled media, education, incorporation and all available means for tyranny throughout society.

Theodore finds himself emotionally torn; yet drawn ever closer to Alice, as she herself is to him. They could not have predicted their destiny, nor the inevitable future for mankind that is too shocking to believe, yet all the evidence is here. A new world order novel that’s going to change your perceptions of reality, today.

~About the Author~

Just a simple man, father and husband, lover of music, writing and
often found sitting at my computer.

London's Burning is my first novel, published 2014. I have fictionalized the truth,
finally putting my words into action.

My wish is to offer the reader a ideological journey of a lifetime.

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