12 May 2014

Review: See Through Me (Lose My Senses #1) by Sera Bright

See Through Me (Lose My Senses #1)
Author: Sera Bright
Pub. Date: May 8, 2014
Acquired: From author/publisher, in exchange for an honest review.
Author Page: http://www.serabright.com

There's only one person Katie Flynn wants to see when she returns home. But she knows he won't be waiting for her. It's the reason she feels safe enough to finally come back.

She's wrong.

Ash Townsend isn't the same quiet boy from next door. He's tall, dark and demanding answers. He wants her, but he doesn't trust her. Who can blame him? When his own family tried to break him down, he still sheltered her in a town full of liars. And she repaid it by leaving him behind without a word.

Because she'll do anything to protect him. She has the scars on her wrist to prove it.

Contains strong language, explicit sexual situations, and mature themes. This novel is not intended for readers under the age of 18. First in a 2-part series.

~My Review~

Oh, man. From the very beginning I knew that Katie and Ash would be one of those couples. The couples that from the start are connected and meant to be. And as soon as they see each other it was HOT! These two have some serious chemistry even when they're fighting. Maybe that's what makes for a volatile real-life relationship, but fictionally, these two are PERFECT!

A combination of romance, intrigue, and some suspense, this book totally did it for me. The only problem I have is now having to wait for the end of Katie and Ash's story.

Will they be able to keep each other safe? Will they still maintain the friendship that they've had since they were children? What about Ash's parents? What does Katie's dad know that no one else does?! Seriously, this story left me with so many unanswered questions, I can imagine the next installment will be busy with tackling all of these issues.

I may have to read this again just to tide me over until I get my (hopefully!) happy ending.

~My Rating~


Thanks to the author, Sera Bright for these teasers!! I fell in love when I saw them! :)

~About the Author~

My New Adult contemporary romance novel SEE THROUGH ME will be released in May 2014. Currently, my family and I live in the mountains of West Virginia.

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