03 April 2014

Becasue I Can!

I've decided to start a bi-monthly giveaway. I have quite a few extra books on my shelves and my husband keeps eyeballing them like they're going to take over the house. So, in order to save both my shelf space, my husband's sanity, AND my marriage, I've decided to give them all away.
I'd do it in one big giveaway, but the shipping on 15 books in a one month's time period may end my marriage on its own.
SOOOOOOOO...We're going to do this twice a month until they're all gone! Here and on my Giveaway page you'll find details and pictures on each of the books up for grabs.
Entering will be simple. Easy. Not too involved. Just PLEASE, take my books!!!!! This is a follower giveaway, however, so following my blog--in SOME way--is mandatory.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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