18 April 2014

After the Party is Over

So, you may or may not have noticed that I've been less active than normal. This is because I was on a little "vacation". I say '"vacation"', because I was, in fact, rather busy this last week. And by busy, I mean having-a-blast-but-super-crazy-outnumbered.

As well as having my four amazing, wonderful, babes, I was watching my four amazing, wonderful nieces for the past three days while their parents went on a work-related trip out of town. Altogether I had a 7 year-old, 6 year-old, three 4-year-olds, a 3-year-old, 2-year-old, and an 11-month-old. My house was insanity. And I loved it. But, suffice it to say that by the time all of the loves were in bed, I was ready for bed. They zapped my energy. I had none. I felt way older than my thirty-one years. BUT, I enjoyed it.

All that said, I am back and ready to play catch up. I have comments awaiting replies, emails to answer, reviews to write, other blogs to read, and an Easter egg hunt at my church and baby shower that I'm co-throwing, tomorrow.

Okay, just kidding! I'll do what I can for now, but I'll probably be a little sporadic until Monday.

See ya then!

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