11 November 2012

So, here. It. Is.

So, some of you may have noticed my absence around here. Some of you may not. So, if you haven't, well, now you know. I've been pretty much inactive.

So, here's the thing... I absolutely LOVE to review books. It is and always will be one of my most favorite activities. HOWEVER, I have come to realize that the more time I put into Captivated Reading, the more time I take away from my home life. My kids, my house, and my husband get neglected.

And right now, with homeschooling my Kindergartener fully in process and two three-year olds, and a newly-walking-all-over-the-place-and-loving-to-get-into-the-toilet fourteen-month-old, I absolutely CANNOT neglect my family or my house.

It is my belief that God has given me the privilege of taking care of and providing an emotionally stable environment for my family. And, while I'm sure, MANY of you may be able to multitask like there's no tomorrow, I am not one of those people. I find taking care of all of the above mentioned responsibilities plus making sure I'm in a GOOD mood is a little difficult when I check my iPad and realize I have a book review deadline coming up and I have to read the book in two days because I didn't check until just NOW.

That's not fair to the authors who provide me with their AMAZING work or to Captivated Reading. So, here's where it stands.

I'm going to continue to fulfill any of the commitments that I've already made, but they may not be in a TIMELY fashion, unless they're part of a blog tour or the author needs a review on a specific day.

So, at this point, I won't be taking any more book review requests. I'm hoping that when things get to be more calm around here, that that will change. But, I'm not going to lie, I won't make any promises.

I also may be asking for some friends to help. I have a couple people (one of which who has already done a Guest Review) that I may ask to pick up where I can't and do some Guest Reviews. If I feel like I won't make the deadline for a review by myself, I may need some backup. I will let you know ahead of time, but I'm just warning you now.

My plate is full. It's full of WONDERFUL things, but it's full nonetheless.

Thank you all for being understanding. I will be around here, but not often. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me at Christyp@captivatedreading.com.

Thanks, all!

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  1. I wish you the best and hope to see you around again. If not, thanks for all of your support, you will be missed!