24 August 2012

Blog Tour: Betrayal by M.L. Guida

Title: Betrayal
Author: M.L. Guida
Pub. Date: Aug. 18, 2012

Scythe tracks his demon brother to Serenity House, a drug and alcohol treatment center. His brother wants to destroy the director, Heather Bowen, but Scythe is shocked to discover she is his angel-mate and now, he must not only save his brother’s soul, but stop him from killing the woman he loves.

~From the Author~

Hi Christy,
I’d like to thank you for allowing me to guest blog on Captivated Reading. I’m excited to be here and have a chance to meet with your readers.

One of the questions readers always ask is where do authors get our ideas. Authors can get their ideas from a news story, something on the internet or just taking a walk. Usually what motivates me is something that fascinates me and for two of my stories, Dark Promise and Betrayal, they both came from pictures on the internet.
A half a mile wide sink hole sinks a highway in South America several years ago. The authorities did not know how far deep the sinkhole was and I kept thinking what if something crawled out of the hole. What if the sinkhole went straight to hell and a demon crawled out?

I live in Colorado and one of my favorite towns is Frisco, located in the mountains. I pushed my questions further. What if a sinkhole occurs in Walter Byron Park in Frisco and is actually a gateway between two worlds? I created an Underworld and the Dragon Demons are turning feral, because a beetle from Frisco enters their world and attacks the Golden Tree. The Golden Tree is an aspen and contains the Song of Tranquility that keeps their dragon fire under control. Once feral, dragon demons are vicious and war among themselves and plan to attack Earth. Prince Eric Wyvern is determined to save his people and travels to Earth to find Cassandra Wright, a gifted psychic and his mate, destined to heal the tree.

This plot happens all due to a picture on the internet. In my new release, Betrayal, the first in the Angels of Death Series, from Passion in Print, I based this story on a ceiling painting of a burial scene in a smoker’s room. The painting intrigues me and burning questions arose. Rather than paintings, what if an angel of death appears in people’s dreams and shows them their funerals unless they change their behavior? What if it is about using drugs instead of cigarettes? What if the drug is from hell? From these questions, I created Betrayal.

The stimulus for plots can come from movies with a twist, a news story or a strong emotion. By asking the right questions and pushing the imagination, a story is created.

M.L. Guida

~About the Author~

M.L. Guida, currently, writes contemporary paranormal romance and will be having a short story, Sinful Delight, releasing in October which continues the Angels of Death series. She is pursuing her Master of Art in Creative Writing through Regis University. Her favorite past times are taking her cocker spaniel, Sadie, for long walks, going skiing and scuba diving.
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