21 June 2012

Blog Tour: Propheticus by Emma Daley

I'm so pleased to be a part of the Propheticus blog tour today! Thank you for stopping by! I hope you enjoy my review of this awesome book!

Title: Propheticus
Author: Emma Daley
Pub. Date: Nov. 20, 2010
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There is something frightening about the way a hateful, unknown creature looks back at you. The way its beady red eyes snarl at you, and it's cheek curls with a hiss to reveal the greedy canines beneath. It is one thing to dream of this beastly creature, and it is another to have it inches from your face, its warm ungodly breath on your cheek, and its pallid gray bones reaching to devour you. My name is Aniah, and once my world was safe. But like many others throughout the universe-and here on the planet Delucia-fate would have me meet with the Mangitori de Sangue; an ancient army of blood-lusting creatures who have been frightening and devouring the inhabitants of the universe for decades. My fate brings me deep into their world. In fact, it is written somewhere-and the stories have been told long before I was ever born-of a prophecy wherein a young woman with the heart and soul of an angel will lead the universe in a victory against the Mangitori de Sangue. I am that woman. I just have to stay alive long enough to figure out how.

About the Author

At only the age of three, you could find Emma perched in the center of the dining table, a tape player in her lap, while the other kids gathered to listen to her recite her own creative version of her favorite tales like Jack and The Bean Stalk or Peter Pan. Her imagination was fueled when she signed up for a high school Greek Mythology class. It was there in high school Mythology class that Emma found her dream. Her teacher recognized her talent, and encouraged her to pursue a career in the one thing that brought her imagination to life, writing. As a military wife and with lifes fast pace and strenuous demands, it wasnt until she was 26 that she finally decided to pursue those long forgotten dreams. She started her very first novel Propheticus in November of 2008, which was released in December of 2010 and since has published all three books in the series. She has since started her next venture, "The Elaina Detrix Project", a sci fi thriller set in high society New York.

My Review

I have absolutely no idea how this book has been out as long as it has, and I've never even heard of it! I sat down and read this book in less than one day. It was that addicting.

From the very first page of this book, I could tell it was going to be something unique and special. That this story would take place in a world and universe, that's different than what I expected, took me by surprise.

Ms. Daley's world-building is spectacularly done. In a time when I feel like fantasy books tend to throw out too much, too quickly, I found myself completely at ease with Ms. Daley's style of giving just enough to make me want more. I was able to fully emerse myself into this story without having to stop every so often to gather my thoughts and make sure that I was following along. Because of that, I got lost in Aniah's world. There is nothing better than reading a book and forgetting that you're, in fact, reading a book.

The romance between Aniah and Novell was breathtaking. There's no doubt in mind that this romance will continue to grow, as the story does.

There are even some creatures in this book that are a tad bit terrifying. It makes me giddy at the promise of adventure in the books to come.

At the end, I about died. As in, "how is this book POSSIBLY over?!" But, much to my happiness, I discovered that there is a second installment ready to be purchased on Amazon. I absolutely cannot wait to dig in.

If fantasy, romance, impending adventure, and tough-but-still-feminine girls are something you enjoy reading about, then this book is for you!

My Rating:

A big thank you to Ms. Daley for a great read!


  1. oh this sounds really good! I love it when you feel from the start you wild really enjoy it and fantastic world building always wins me over. Great review!

    1. Oh, I feel the same way, Giselle! And thank you, SOOO much!

  2. Gosh, I'm blushing. Thanks for the great review. I am so pleased to know that you liked the first book in the series. I especially love the comment "In a time when I feel like fantasy books tend to throw out too much, too quickly". I have often felt like that myself. I miss the older style of writing where you get sucked into the story with words and not just action all the time, I feel like I get so lost with what is going on in the novels these days. Anyway, thanks for having me :).

    1. You are welcome. I strongly believe that if a book is fantastic then no praise should be withheld. Your book is fantastic. And, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who feels that way about current books.