23 May 2012

The Cornerstone Blog Tour

I'm so excited to be one of the next stops on Misty Provencher's CORNERSTONE Blog Tour!!! If you haven't heard of this book, well...I suggest you check it out IMMEDIATELY! Read farther down for my review. And, be sure to leave a comment on my post or over at Ms. Provencher's blog, for a chance at some swag!

Title: Cornerstone
Author: Misty Provencher
Pub. Date: November 7, 2011

Blurb from Goodreads:
Nalena Maxwell has been branded ‘The Waste’ at her new school, due to her mom's obsessive paper hoarding. Nalena desperately wants something to change in her life, but when she receives a sign (and it's the wrong dang one) inviting her into a mysterious, ancient community, too much changes. What she knew of her family, what she thought of her life and what she believed about her future, is no longer applicable. Seventeen years worth of family skeletons come crashing into Nalena's life and it is the boy...the one that smiles at her like he wants to hear everything she'll ever say...that already knows her powerful secrets. But it is only Nalena that can choose between protecting the life that is already crumbling beneath her feet and the one that might sacrifice everything she could ever have.

My Review:

This is definitely one of those books that had me HOOKED from the beginning. I found myself COMPLETELY rooting for Nalena and her mother--no matter how "excentric" she seemed at first. From the beginning I could see that Nalena was one of those protagonists who is believable and relatable even amidst a supernatural storyline.

What teenager HASN'T been embarrassed by a parent at some point? What teenager HASN'T felt like an outsider? Even amongst their own family? What teenager doesn't feel like the world is against them, sometimes? And what adult doesn't remember feeling all of these things, as well?

There were moments when I could almost FEEL Nalena's frustration over being kept in the dark regarding pretty much everything in her life. And THAT is how I believe this story draws in its audience. There is convincing emotional turmoil packed with an exciting, romantic, and EXTREMELY original plot.

Ms. Provencher builds a world that is unlike any other that I've read. It was really nice reading this story and NOT being able to guess what was going to happen next. There was no predictability here. I was frequently taken aback with curveballs that I found absolutely refreshing and brilliant!

And the ROMANCE! OHHHH, the romance. It's so subtle and unhurried, but SOOOO sweet. I am very eager to see what becomes of Nalena and her beau in the next installment.

I more than suggest that you read this book! I INSIST that you read this book! In fact RIGHT NOW. Yes, RIGHT NOW!! If you hurry, you can purchase this for just .99cents for your eReader! That's ALL!!! Just check out the link below!

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  1. Thank you so much for your awesome review, Christy! And thanks for being part of the tour.

  2. Tributary sounds awesome. I haven't read the series, but will have to give it a try.
    My WOW...

  3. I'm sooooo glad I could be a part of the tour, Misty!!! Thanks SOOO much! You have made a fan for life! :)

  4. The fangirling is mutual then, Christy!