22 April 2012

The Acropolis Blog Tour

R.K. Ryals has stopped by my blog today for her blog tour for The Acropolis. Here is an excerpt from the book, and make sure you follow the rest of the tour with the links below! Also, be sure to check out my review for THE ACROPOLIS here.

The Mark

Huh? I look up to discover the whole Council has turned toward me. I straighten.
"I'm sorry."
Gibson sighs but doesn't reprimand me.
"You'll need to use caution when approaching her. The girl is a little . . . shy."
A few Council members snicker. Delilah glares at them. I just lift a brow.
Rainey can't seem to help himself. He snorts. A tall man with thick, brown hair and wide shoulders, Rainey isn't the type to skirt an issue.
"Terrified may be the better description," Rainey replies.
I glance around the boardroom and realize the Council members are all avoiding my gaze. What kind of Escort job is this?
"Where am I supposed to take her?" I ask when it becomes obvious nothing more is going to be said on the whole "shy but better described as terrified" subject.
"The Acropolis."
Gibson says the word firmly as if he's expecting an argument, and by the looks shot his way, he's right. The Acropolis.
There are ancient Greek ruins called the Acropolis of Athens, but we all know he isn't referring to those. No, the Acropolis is a project set in motion by a collaboration of gargoyles, the S.O.S., and other groups devoted to protecting mankind. It is a fairly new idea, a school, which has only been in operation for two years with minimal success. It seems only plausible the mark be sent there considering her records. But while I look at Gibson with approval, the rest of the table stares at him with expressions akin to horror. Were they not aware of Gibson's plans?
"She wouldn't make it a week," Delilah practically hisses.
The Council's reaction is beginning to worry me.
"It's either that or we destroy her."
Gibson's words are final, and when he stands, we all stand with him.
"You'll take her to the Acropolis."
This last command is meant for me, and I nod as Gibson adjourns the meeting among sighs of discontent.
"You'll need to provide the school with extra protection," Rainey calls out as Gibson leaves the table. The Director doesn't turn around.
"It's taken care of."
Delilah moves up beside me as we watch Gibson exit the room.
"Is she that dangerous?" I ask.
Delilah gives me a sympathetic smile.
"No, not Emma."

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